Here are just a few images of the many Chaos Symbols that I have drawn over the years.  The design works well with the free from style I like to use when sketching with wax.  The Chaos Symbol is simply 8 arrows radiating outward from a central point.  This is a symbol that suggests that the energy of life could head in any direction.  I read about this symbol at a very young age (thank you Michael Moorcock), and see it as key descriptive concept of our world.



This is  three color shirt.  Starting with a shirt dyed yellow, I do a first layer of wax, and then dye the shirt red.  This is what you actually see in the next image.  Then I do a second layer of wax over the red, and dye the shirt with a raspberry color.  The three colors on top of each other make a darker hue with a different tone than you would get from the raspberry color on a white shirt.


The art of batik has a very chaotic nature to it.  When you crackle the wax there is no exact way to control what patterns are going to occur.  Textures occur on the images you sketch depending on how you layer the wax in.  You can shape and suggest, but not outright control.  I trust this art form, and I am usually delighted with the results.


Just a little chaos blowin’ in the wind.




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