Ahh, who doesn’t love Tolkien and his merry bands of folk.  One of my favorite images to create, it’s that dangerous old wizard Gandalf.  In this case it would be Gandalf the Grey I suppose.



This is an instance where I used a green dye to color the crackles of the shirt, but something happened in the process.  Possibly while heating the piece in the oven the colors shorted out, and some of the shirt turned a blue/green rather than the green I originally intended.



This Gandalf shirt is a mixed media creation.  The Gandalf image was first created on a white background.  Then all of the wax was removed from the shirt.  After that, just Gandalf and the staff were covered with wax.  Finally I used dyes with an airbrush to create the color swirls about him.




This is the back of the preceding image.  It says in the Tolkien elvish language of Quenya “Gandalf For President”


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