In the early day of the Hemp movement when Jack Herer and Elvy Musika, a couple of the like 14 patients that were receiving cannabis from the Federal Government for their medicinal needs, were getting rolling on their cross country activism, I was right there working my activist butt off in central Pennsylvania.  One day I was handed a photocopy of a big stick cola and asked to take some of the hemp fabric I had and make an original 13 star American flag with this bud in the middle of it.  Easily done!  This is the only picture of the flag that I have.  It was used at many demonstration and rallies, back when tri-cornered hats did not mean the tea party, and was more likely to mean the happy hempsters.  It was stolen at a debate between Rob Kampia (seen to the right side of the picture) and the Centre County District Attorney Ray Gricar.


Hemp Flag


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