I like to warm up to batik sessions with free form psychedelic sketches.  One of my favorites to do is the old stand by, the peace symbol.  Here are a collection of various ones through time, starting with two hemp shirts.  Most of these images are a burning sun type peace symbols.  When there is peace, there is always time to solve problems.


A light weight hemp shirt with a lovely peace symbol blazing upon it.



Another lovey hemp shirt.



Backside of a shirt with signature.



A beautiful electric blue sun peace symbol on a plum background.



Pretty in Pink.



A three color overlay shirt starting with yellow, over-dyed with red, and then over-dyed again with magenta. The red dramatically changes the final color of the magenta.



Another shirt that was completely covered with wax and then pounded full of crackles to produce a lovely psychedelic effect.




A batik/tye-dye combo. One of my first.


peace 10

A late arrival. Peace man.